BTCD awarded Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion (CDPHP) grant

Great news!  The CDC informed the Arizona Department of Health Services that AZ has been awarded a new $842,000 Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion (CDPHP) grant.  While all states were guaranteed $300,000 on a non-competitive basis, ADHS successfully competed for a supplemental award.  With these dollars ADHS will be able to be able to address the leading causes of chronic disease death in Arizona by focusing on further enhancing the internal and external infrastructure needs impacting policy, systems, and environmental change.  This grant will allow the State to become more focused as it looks to address the key areas of Healthy Community Design, School Health Policies, Integration of Clinical and Community Systems, and Implementation of Evidence-based Worksite Wellness in Arizona and the important work with behavioral health.

Specifically, CDPHP provides ADHS with resources to:

Address Department infrastructure needs impacting policy, system and environmental change.

Become more focused as it moves forward with efforts which link evidence-based community and clinical preventive services such as efforts which drive disparate populations into healthcare providers who offer preventive care consistent with the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) A & B Recommendations. (eg., community-based promotoras working collaboratively with patient navigators within community health centers)

Expand its school-based health policy initiatives by providing additional resources to schools and districts which utilize the Coordinated School Health model. 

Provide additional resources to Arizona communities looking improve overall health outcomes through the completion of health impact assessments and subsequent action steps.

Increase coordination of the Stanford Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP).  CDSMP is a proven intervention which empowers individuals to take control of their chronic conditions by recognizing barriers and overcoming them.

Gain a better understanding of the burden of chronic disease in Arizona communities through increased surveillance and evaluation.  This will allow ADHS and its partners to more strategically focus its efforts with population needs.

The purpose of this grant is not to duplicate efforts; rather it is to ensure that there is open communication and collaboration amongst stakeholders.  Over the next several months ADHS will begin work on these collaborative efforts by bringing in stakeholders, developing a state chronic disease strategic action plan, and establishing any necessary contracts needed to accomplish the grant objectives.

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  1. […] news!  The CDC gave us a heads up this week that AZ will be receiving a new $842,000 Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion grant.  While all states were guaranteed $300,000 on a non-competitive basis, we successfully […]

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