Arizona Population Health Policy Initiative

The Division of Public Health Preventive Services is moving forward with an exciting new initiative to improve health outcomes for Arizonans. Through a new partnership with Arizona’s local county health departments, the Division is looking at ways in which it can improve health outcomes for Arizonans by advancing evidence-based strategies which address community design, school health, worksite wellness, clinical care, and accessibility to nutritious food.  Recognized as a Winnable Battle within the ADHS Strategic Plan, the Population Health Policy Initiative (PHPI) is Arizona Population Health Policy Initiative (PHPI) is Arizona’s version of both the CDC Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW) and Community Transformation Grant (CTG). 

PHPI officially began on April 1st and is intended to continue for the next three years.  Funding for PHPI is made possible through state (tobacco tax & lottery) as well as federal (Title V Funding for Children with Special Health Needs). As this initiative advances, additional information will be shared.


One Response to Arizona Population Health Policy Initiative

  1. I would like to join this initiative – I have a huge diet & nutrition program that has already shown outcomes withtype 2 diabetes and weight loss and maintenance among mental health consumers and their familes – Roberta Howard – NAZCARE –

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