Wayne Tormala Gives a Prostate Cancer Update

Dear friends,

Back in early February, I announced that I had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, and that I had decided to take a public stance with regards to my diagnosis, the course of my treatment, and the eventual outcomes.  This decision would hopefully help leverage my new-found status as a testimony to the importance of screening, timely detection, and disease management.


In consort with KTAR and the Arizona Diamondbacks, we launched a personal blog at www.prostatepledge.com   encouraging Arizona men to make a pledge to get their prostate exam and be eligible to win private suites at an Arizona Diamondbacks games.  To date over 3000 men have taken the prostate pledge. In addition, we received considerable media coverage, spoke at prostate cancer awareness events, and highlighted prostate cancer during National Men’s Health Week in June.


At this time, I’m very pleased to announce that my follow-up prostate tests have indicated that my treatment was a resounding success!   I have been symptom-free, and experienced only minimal fatigue during the course of my nine weeks of treatment.


Please know that I have appreciated the support and kind messages from folks who have known about my circumstance.  Also, it has been most rewarding to receive many messages from men and women across Arizona testifying to their personal decisions to get screened, support their loved ones, and spread the word about the ease of testing and range of treatment options for those who detect cancer.  Indeed, we achieved an impact far beyond the 3,000+  people who made the official pledge.


Together, we are living proof that life’s challenges can not only be met, but can make us even stronger.


Best to you,



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