Congratulations to Carmen Ramirez, Tom Bragg Lifetime Achievement Award Winner from the American Diabetes Association

Carmen Ramirez, BTCD Diabetes Community Program Coordinator accepts the Lifetime Achievement Award. The highest award the ADA offers.

On Tuesday, November 27, our diabetes community program coordinator , Carmen Ramirez, was recognized with the Tom Bragg Lifetime Achievement Award  at the American Diabetes Association (ADA) volunteer recognition dinner.  This is the highest achievement bestowed by ADA to an individual.

Tom Bragg was an enthusiastic and generous volunteer for the American Diabetes Association.  He was a family man who put countless hours into his volunteer work for love of his son and grandson who both deal with the demands of diabetes.  Tom was instrumental in the success and growth of the BAD Ride Event, Bikers Against Diabetes and he was a great friend to all who knew him.

Carmen has been a longtime supporter of people with diabetes in the State of Arizona.  As Community Program Coordinator for the Department of Health Services, Diabetes Program, Carmen spends countless hours doing outreach to communities throughout Arizona. She has been a committed volunteer for the American Diabetes Association for over 10 years, serving as Chair of the Latino Conferencia Committee for several years, and currently serves on the Diversity Outreach Committee, the Advocacy Committee and Speaker’s Bureau. Carmen is always willing to assist the ADA whether it is responding to last minute media requests for Spanish speakers or helping to recruit diverse volunteers to assist with diabetes education to those at risk for diabetes.  Carmen always has an answer to every question and if she doesn’t (which is rare), she knows the resources to help answer the question.

The Arizona Diabetes Prevention and Control Program is very proud of Carmen and her accomplishments! This accolade reflects her passion and dedication over the past 15 years with the program and the department.

Please join me, our community partners, and the Arizona Diabetes Coalition in recognizing Carmen to receive this well-deserved award!

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