Your chance to make history in cancer prevention!

What if you could personally participate in research that could help determine factors that cause or prevent cancer? What if your involvement, and that research, ultimately leads to eliminate cancer as a major health problem for this and future generations? What if you could make it so just one family never had to hear the words “you have cancer?”

From Jan. 29 – Feb. 19, residents in the Valley will have an unprecedented opportunity to participate in research in our community.  The American Cancer Society will be enrolling participants for their newest research study, the Cancer Prevention Study-3 (CPS-3).  Once enrolled, a participant’s 20-30 year commitment to the study will involve completing periodic follow-up surveys. 

Individuals may choose to participate if they are willing to make a long-term commitment to the study (which involves completing follow-up surveys periodically over the next 20-30 years), are between the ages of 30 and 65 years old and have never been diagnosed with cancer. Cancer Survivors are asked to help spread the word, and encourage family members and friends to enroll.

To schedule your enrollment appointment or learn more, visit  or call 1-888-604-5888.

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